Photobook Tribute to Twin Peaks

An anthology that brings together the work of 13 international photographers in a narrative both wonderful and strange, inspired by Twin Peaks and the work of David Lynch.
The design of this photobook edited by
Fuego Books shows the concept of duality so present in the Lynch´s universe with something as primitive as the sensory experience of its covers, with the contrast of  touching the roughness of a sandpaper and the softness of a red velvet, at the same time visual icon of the series. A metaphor that serves as a prelude to the narrative generated inside through the work of the authors Anna Beeke, Carl Bigmore, Melissa Catanese, Cristina de Middel, Salvi Danish, Enrico Di Nardo + Valentina Natarelli, Antone Dolezal, Philippe Fragniere, Jason Fulford, Rory Hamovit, Sara Palmieri and Sarah Walker.

You can buy the photobook A Place Both Wonderful and Strange en Fuego Books.