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    Hip Hop "my listening lesson"
When we firststarted conversing about a hip-hop class photo shoot
I Started building and shaping the studio in my head; mirrors everywhere, nocurtains, a different parquet floor color and a much more focused lighting.
As soon as I arrived to the studio I preferred to put my imagination aside Becausewhat I saw was a dance studio that’s a bit challenging for shooting,
I couldn’t deliver to the scene theframes I have already built in my imagination
I started shooting and I didn’t know to which direction I was headed… I wentback home and started editing the pictures.
As I started recollecting my moments in the studio with the dancers and theirmovements, I realized that I have to connect with their movements, whilelearning the chirography, talking walking and even when they are lookingstraight into my lense.
it wasn’t easy but with my gained knowledge I managed to choose the pictures Iconnected with the most.
in the second session I was in a situation not that odd to me but difficult tomost photographers; "night photography". But I was actually thrilledbecause ive went through it technically and in the field many times, so thistime I was more focused and I knew what I had to do.

Though it was difficult and challenging, personally I enjoyed it and It was agreat experience; shooting and being on location is beyond the pictures, it’sthe exposure to new worlds, new people, new ideas and new adventures.

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