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    Music Album for Shoegaze band, cosmic child.

Middle Class Cigars: Cosmic Child—Blue

An album inspired by heartbreak, loss and failures to reconcile by Singaporean Shoegaze band, Cosmic Child.
The package seeks to express the experience of a failed union, firstly by having a muslin cloth that symbolises the process of healing as a belly band. Though the album is called Blue, the colour is used very sparingly throughout. Inside, the sleeve is deliberately trimmed slightly shorter to present a sense of dissonance and the CD holder is also uncomfortably narrow display a certain sense of incompletion.

A fold-out poster opens to present the lyrics as mini-posters with “contact-sheets” on the corresponding side. The personal images on these contact sheets track the relative time periods the band went through and have been treated to express the idea of fading memories.

After opening the package, the listener will face a little difficulty putting everything back together, echoing the struggles of trying to put one's life back together after experiencing loss.

Album available here: https://cosmicchildband.bandcamp.com​​​​​​​