Branding - Let's Get Basque
Let's get Basque! It is a personal project of a couple formed by a Basque girl and a Dutch guy. After his impressive first day of Santa Tomás in Donostia, they created Let's get Basque! At the day of Santa Tomás everybody goes to town dressed traditionally to feast on cider and sausages from dusk till dawn. With this original project they made it possible for you to have a similar experience, no matter what day of the year. They started a photo studio in the picturesque Old Part ‘La Parte Vieja’ where they took photos mimicking traditional Basque scenes. After more than a year in which they made portraits of thousands of smiling people from different parts of the world, their project went a step further.

Today they are no longer tied to the studio, repeating the same photos over again. No, today you can take the session wherever you want, which is much more fun for everybody. Imagine yourself with your best friends, walking anonymously dressed in Basque costumes through the picturesque streets of San Sebastián with a photographer. Posing in different settings for the fun of it! On demand they also decorate places, giving them a traditional Basque atmosphere and recreate old photos of the city as a Cultural Capital framed in the 2016 activities.