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ΚΑΛΟ Athens Expo ‘17
The Client

Initiated by the Hellenic Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity, K.ΑΛ.Ο. stands 
for Social and Solidarity Economy in Greek and introduces an enhanced model for social and economic progress, embracing the core values of respect, equality and democracy. In November 2017, ΚΑΛΟ celebrated its keynote appearance with a 3-days expo, hosted in Technopolis City of Athens, an urban hub for art, culture and innovation.

The Objective

Being the very first ΚΑΛΟ expo in Athens, the event dictated the participation and cooperation
of more than 150 exhibitors from all over the country, under the auspice of an inclusive event,
capable of welcoming a variety of audiences; consumers, collaborators, supporters and potential
SSE businesses and institutions.  

The Solution

The event’s key visual is primarily based on the anthropocentric nature and solidarity values of both
the expo and the institutions comprising its spine, while visual elements supplementarily unroll the multidimensional impact of Social and Solidarity Economy on society and culture.

The design of a minimal, yet modular and expandable, logotype was followed by a series of print and digital promotional and communication assets, which mainly aimed at familiarizing visitors with Social
and Solidarity Economy’ s goals and practices, as well as informing about first expo’s program
and content.

Trivia; ΚΑΛΟ [kalò] is phonetically equal to “good” in Greek, so the throw to create a video spot
based on kinetic typography and wordplay was actually a good one.

Art Direction & Design
Iliana Galazoula
Makrina Oikonomidou

Web Design
Odysseas GP

Web Development
Alexandros Diktampanidis
Chris Gotsikas

Operations Manager
Foivos Galinos Paparounis

Communications Manager
Maria Paktiti

Hellenic Ministry of Labour, 
Social Insurance and Social Solidarity
ΚΑΛΟ Athens Expo ‘17

Project Made For

ΚΑΛΟ Athens Expo ‘17

Event branding, UI/UX design and web development for the first expo of Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. (Κοινωνική και Αλληλέγγυα Οικονομία / Social and Solidarity Econo Read More