"I have seen the future into a present that was meant to last!"

~ (the present carries legacies that make a total blast!) ~ 

You made me feel sorry for who I was, for who I am, for being joyful and daring, for being real...
In a reality that was as fictional as yours, my dear!
There she was ... watching everything through a camera that wasn't there but still she could feel it into her hands, shuttering and getting warmer and nicer to her eyes, to her vision... to her smiles... deep inside.

A Message in a Bottle 

The Lady of your Dreams is Gone with a story in which she never feels alone and unprotected; a story where she is too strong to be destroyed or even hurt; a story in which she forgot about all pain yet she still sees the dangers and has the power and the strength to deal with them; a story made by her and for her, the personal retreat... a little mad perhaps, a great deal crazy... but learning and working just to forget was no longer enough, ... not after you took the beauty of her soul to use it for a "better purpose" or so...? not after your "great awakening" to the reality she didn't like just because she could see that there is another reality out there, a better one that she could reach to... or perhaps another one for her to make for the life she always looked for and struggled to make... a whole new  living to create; the lifestyle of peace and gratitude you so "gracefully" took away. 

Because... reasons ... 

There was so much to see, so much to explore, so many facets of the same thing, so many stories and such a poetic grace in the way all waves seemed to move!
The waves of life are infinite!
The lies of beauty to perfect and take elsewhere to "make it 
And shake "it" to wake it
For a feel,
 Careful!... handling the wheel
Of your fortune...
So brave
and daring you are!

And I am here
To make sure that everything is Real 
Perhaps I am,
Most probably there
In Your mind.
But no!
I still want my access to freedom
as ridiculous as this might feel,
look or intend to appear.

So yes, you may keep a memory of me
even after I disappear
But I will no longer live there
In the mind that caused me that pain;
Into the mind of your hell!

My mind should learn to be better
And make me believe in...

The crickets' talk remind me of the camera shutter.
...and ... off! 
Life has a way to make me dare!

" Say what you will and will only what you say good."

- Back there, into the real world, envy and jealousy, hatred and sometimes cruel despairs, are propellers for humans to do their jobs, walk away and get what they want... get away with things they did, making you responsible for their evil deeds. This is how your dear humans look to me, dear. They are all a great army of great fighters for their own... well... being. 
Hard and easy-peasy passionate work done with the eyes of a childish explorer and the mind of a most brilliant discoverer are going to be punished, envied, ignored, hated... the list can go on. Especially if you carry inside some shining star that wasn't aware of it's fall and got rescued by your pure pathetic soul! 

- Say what you will, I still want to give it a try and believe in the goodness of human kind. 

- Suit yourself... with the armour of the great and strong warrior! But don't say that I didn't warn you! ... and to himself he whispers strongly through his teeth: Never say that I didn't try to warn you! and to his hidden mind he gently secretly whispers: These lovely souls of mine! When will they learn to forget about them?!

So she fledged into the world of the real where things get hard and harsh at times, especially when you are not armed properly and well fed; protected by a good armour and a shield of light, feeling all the passion and love inside, the girl thought herself invincible. 
Isn't that wonderful? Feeling your spirit like that?! Well, it is actually an amazing state of mind that lifts up all the goodies of one's spirit and makes them come alive in shapes and forms that may trick the eyes of "those humans out there... who know..." 
"What's with this dream of humans to create their perfect little world?
All those dreams you sent to me, all the ideas and the power to imagine things... I once thought I was supposed to do something with all of them;  Then some feelings started to appear and that's how art started to reveal to me in forms of life we like to believe we are discovering, exploring while luring ourselves into thinking that we are great creators, making something so new for the world... when, as you can see, we are actually only recycling, rearranging, resurrecting, replacing, misplacing... reusing; only because we want this human thing to go on and live, for as long as we can make it.
We still want this world to exist even after we're gone and we want it to last as humanly rich as possible. Perhaps this is because of our fear of a sterile world in which everything was replaced by robots and chips, science and labs.

'Welcome to the lab of botanical remembrance, the guide said to the enhanced-type-kids-of-tomorrow. As you can see, at your left, a memory of what once was the Paulowniaceae family is brought back to life with the help of our new and very powerful system well programmed and designed by some of the greatest minds of our world; you can read all of their names down the hall where the holographic presentation will offer you more details about them and their work. Thanks to all of them now we can remember correctly how this type of family worked and behaved in nature (that is another term which will be shown and explained to you later down this hall) and not only. 
Please be careful....'
 A place with no future for the real feelings of today. (Who needs those, anyway?) Yet, a place that's much cleaner, somehow. Some place where you get to program your states of mind, your feelings, your thoughts... the ideas come with a schedule: 
Date: ... 
Morning: I wake up from the dream that I programmed last night, a most splendid one, by the way, and think of the idea of having a tea and some home-made biscuits (I read somewhere on the hyper-reality-show platform that those were very good in the past and the interactive-holograms said that this was a great idea, so I thought I'd give it a try). 
Then I start feeling hungry and appetite for those biscuits becomes real. 

This is the new place for you that may be called 'the end of humanity' (as we know it) or your personal cold safe heaven; You don't get to suffer here... you don't get to see others suffer anymore... and everything is nothing but this bright self-induced fantasy where everyone is equal in rights and anyone can do anything they want; where everyone is truly happy... with themselves and the surroundings, with their lives and neighbours, with their hopes abandoned in an application or a new control device for the poor;... they're all happy with their robot-friends and their genius cold guides taking away their lives day by day while offering them ... pain-killers... anesthetisers for the aches of their hurting prides living lethargically in their abused souls. 
All friends are the way you want them to be (they're programmed, duh!) and no one gets really hurt anymore. You live splendidly, just like in a poor movie, sitcom or TV show; you know, those things where people lose themselves these days, after work... once in a while... for a while... a second... the cool breeze of a vibe...for a smile; for another short  time... Meanwhile the powerful men and women who know how to rule the world drag ropes and use strings to kill all hope for a decent meaning of all this struggle to keep being human. 

If only... we could create that perfect little world of ours! 
Where nothing and no one gets really hurt!"
He was watching her lying in bed, almost awake. The smile in his eyes caressing her skin made her move gently while opening her eyes to have his face first imprinted in the memory of that day. He approached the bed as the smell of fresh coffee, put on the coffee table he'd just moved next to her side, made her notice the croissants waiting there, on a plate. 
- How ...did you... do that?... guessing... ? or did I... did I tell...?
- Yes, you told me in a dream that I should prepare this frugal breakfast or else... he smiles with limpid playful wisdom.
- You most certainly know now more that I know about myself... hmm... I feel that some things from a past life that happened somehow but didn't quite find peace... still remained. All this appears to be insane... in the most positive way. 

- Of course... a voice in the apartment next door made itself a little noticed; but they didn't quite care.

- Oh, my beloved beautiful alien...!
- Oh, ... alien...! Humm... I thought I was an angel! 
They laughed as they obeyed the screams of their hunger, letting a warm feeling take over the room with all the sunlight passing through the window and the fresh air reviving all the beauty of their spirits combined. 
They laugh as they obey
to the warm feeling awaiting for their souls to convey
the whole world that's been lingering 
inside their shared secret sacred living; 
as one they stay
in two halves of a story,
completed couple, fierce,
so free
of touches of the harmful heavy torch.

As one they stay, 
the couple of a fairytale, 
a childish loving lovable old story.
"I need a book and a cup of tea to keep me company while I do this... maybe some cookies or muffins, cup-cakes to tell me more about the sweet history and stories that enchant the spirit and caress the soul while getting it drunk with the power of elation."

So, daring she was and so kind yet felt so betrayed and hurt... maybe her pride, maybe another one's ? 
Collisions of prides for the illusions of glory and fame? for their happiness... maybe;
only perhaps... could it...?

May, Be!

May, Be!

As sometimes I feel like starting to write a book about an insane happy human going sane to find out that insane was good... somehow... that how! Read More