The textures are rendered in Octane for Cinema 4D.
They are ranging from 2k to 5k and have diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Bump, Displacement and Normal maps ... 
I handcrafted each of these maps individually to get a specific feeling. 
So I'm not just using one random picture that is been tweaked several times. 

They are set in Octane for a start and Arnold and vray for cinema 4D later on but the maps are usable in any other software other than Cinema 4D and with any renderer by just loading them in the desired material channel. 
And of course usable by any Octane user through Orbx...
You can donwload a preview of the collection containing 8 downsized materials and 40 textures here : 

I have included a .c4d file with the octane matterial settings, a .orbx file so any octane user on any other 3D app (3d studio max, maya or others) can enjoy these materials.

The original collection containing 62 materials and 340 texture maps in 2k to 5k is available here
MINERAL REIGN, a set of high definition textures of minerals ...

Metallic Granit 4k. Tileable.
Pearly Granit 4k. Tileable.
Shiny Granit 4k. Tileable.
Iridescent Stone 4k. Tileable.
Gold Veins on Granit 4k. Tileable.
Gold Veins 02 4k. Tileable.
Gold Veins 03 4k. Tileable.
Silver Veins 4k. Tileable.
Simple Pebble 4k Tileable
Fossil Coral 01 4k. Tileable.
Rusty Dusty Rock 4k. Tileable.
Chalky Pebble 4k. Tileable.
Limesone Pebble 4k. Tileable. 
Brown Quartz Gem 4k. Tileable.
Natural sand 4k. Tilaeable.
Cracked Chalk 4K Tilable 
Cave Rock 4k. Tileable
Soapy Colored Rock 4k. Tilable.
Sand Stone 4k. Tileable
Chalky White Rock 4k. Tileable
Cliff Rock 4k. Tileable.
Sulfur on Copper Rock 4k. Tileable
Goethite on sulfure 4k. Tileable
Sand Rock 4k. Tileable.
Carnotite 4k. Tileable.
Fossil Coral 02 4k. Tileable.
Gypsum Concretions 4k. Tileable.
Colored Pebbles 4k. Tileable. 
Desert Stone 4k. Tileable.
Red Sand 4k. Tileable.
Black Sand 4k. Tileable.
Lava Stone 01. 4k. Tileable.
Lava Stone 02 4k. Tileable.
Fossil Coral 02 4k. Tileable.
Simple Dark Blue Granit 4k. Tileable
Malachite 4k. Tileable.
Brown Purnice Stone 4k. Tileable.
White Purnice Stone 01 4k. Tileable.
Iron Meteorite 02 4k Tileable.
Iron Meteorite 01 4k Tileable.
White Purnice Stone 02 4k Tileable.
Black Purnice Stone 4k. Tileable
Thibetan Salt 4k. Tileable.
Red Lava Rocks 4k. Tileable.
Gold on limonite 4k. Tileable.
Native Gold Nugget 4k. Tileable.
Native Copper Nugget 4k. Tileable.
Native Platinum Nugget 4k. Tileable.
Grey SandStone 01 4k. Tileable.
Washed Out Seaside Granit 4k. Tileable.
Dark Washed Out Seaside Granit.
Fossil wood 4k, Tileable.
Metallic meteorite 4k.Tileable.
Grey Sandstone 4k. Tileable.
Beryl Stone 4k. Tileable. 
Meteorite 4k. Tileable.
Fossil Wood 4k. Tileable.
Pebble 4k. Tileable.
Micacious Sandstone 4k. Tileable.
Green Mineral 4k. Tileable.
Sand & Seashells 4k. Tileable.
And some extreme close-ups ...
Mineral Reign

Mineral Reign

Set of textures on the theme of Mineral Reign, I plan to make available for sale soon. Cinema4D Octane and other Softwares and renderers ...


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