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    Emotionally Connected is about using design to create an experience of empathy.
The exhibition was a test to see how unrelated people interacted and engaged with the stories. I was testing to see if the stories would trigger or thread on their own story or memory. Sharing these emotions should be able to form a stronger, deeper connection to the work for the viewer and hopefully allow them to step into the shoes of the participants. The common theme such as love and past relationships allows everyone to access their own story to some degree.

//The following is focused around the theme of Past Relationships. Participants were interviewed about an object from a past relationship that holds a specific memory or has sentimental value to them. All participants were asked the same five questions. The questions were based on creating a full understanding of the relationship, the breakdown, the object they have held onto and its memory, where the object is kept and a song, movie or quote in regards to the relationship.