Burano 45.4854° N, 12.4167° E - Through Maja Wrońska's Vision

The idea is to show places through various artists eyes, 
the world is amazing but sometimes the creative vision is even better.

Our dream is to see this project applied to Google's Streetview.

VR Compositor / Idea : Daniele Pugni
Watercolor paintings : Maja Wrońska
Titles, Logo & Logo Animation : Marco Martina

Each artist had complete freedom.

Maja has drawn 7 different paintings within straight perspective lines 
which has been stitched together and animated omnidirectional.

Linear sketches:

Daniele combined all sketches into one 360 equilateral drawing:

We repeated the workflow for watercolor paintings:

The animation is designed to be Omni directional, the user can choose where and what
to look at, for this reason there is almost always something moving in any of the portions
of the Virtual Reality window.

Further information about workflow and video specifications:

Daniele preferred to let Maja draw in rectilinear space slicing the original equilateral reference photo in 7 single views (5 in horizontal and 1 top and 1 bottom) and then Daniele has stitched all drawings back together like it is done in common VR multicamera stitching workflow. 

The video is in 8k in 25fps, Daniele have animated everything in mono and then converted it in Stereo 3D using depthmap.

Side by Side Stereo3D (You can watch it on the tube)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we've shown you the result of our team one-year-long 
work in our spare time. Thank you very much for your attention!

Burano - 360⁰ painting animation in VR

Burano - 360⁰ painting animation in VR

The idea is to show a place in 360° thought an artist’s vision.


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