Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of the Coca-Cola Τρία Έψιλον logo used in these customised planner designs. Copyrights and/or trademarks used belong to their respective owners and are not being sold.
The first proposal entailed a pattern made of different glasses, reflecting their use in different beverages during the day.
The second proposal is summarised as a motivational quote " Make every moment of your day enjoyable.
The third proposal is a conceptual typography pattern using a copywriting storytelling of different occasions in which the brand's products could be enjoyed through the day, 24/7.
Agency: McCann Athens © 2017
Client: Coca-Cola Τρία Έψιλον

Creative Direction: Yota Mazioti / Maria Kozari Mela
Copywriting: Yota Mazioti
Design - Art Direction: Maria Kozari Mela