We've had our fifth edition of the Visual Playground festival earlier this year and 'amazing' would be an understatement. 10 intensive day-long workshops, 3 conference nights and even a mural painting by the awesome Hedof in the centre of Bucharest, that's what Visual Playground 2017 was all about. The amazing artists that graced us with their presence this year blew everyone's minds, either through their kickass workshops, or through their awe-inspiring conference talks. We've had the pleasure of learning from game changers like Malika FavreSteve Simpson, Debbie MillmanMattias Adolfsson, Yukai Du, Tobias Hall, HedofHenrique BaroneFabrik and BLAU

This years' identity was a real challenge and an absolute pleasure to work on for all of us, as we explored graphic areas we've never experimented with before. We're very proud with how everything came out and can hardly wait to begin working on the next one. Keep an eye on us, next year will be insane.

Art Direction: Paula Rusu & Evelin Bundur
Graphic Design & Layout: Paula Rusu
All photography by: Cătălin Georgescu

Visual Playground 2017 main poster
Visual Playground Open Nights conference posters

For this years's promo campaign we went object hunting in all sorts of flea markets and art supply shops in order to get as many interesting and relevant items as possible. We had a three day painting and photo session, in which we created all the images we've used on our materials. 
You can see a selection of them below.

Since personal profiles have a far better reach on Facebook than fan pages, we decided to do a series of portraits of ourselves to match our visuals. This was a far greater challenge for us than it was last year (when we had an illustration based identity), but we were lucky to have the awesome Luiza Burhai assist us with the make-up, by far the trickiest part of the whole shoot.
Visual Playground 2017