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Until today, we have worked with many brands and helped them create their dream business by designing their brand identities, websites and other material. But when it comes to creating your own brand, it's the hardest thing, since you are both the client and the agency at the same time. And we have to mention that it's pretty hard to satisfy two perfectionist designers.
Problem & Solution

Before "Susam Creative", our studio was known as "Susam Design". But there was a problem: We have created a serious brand identity which fits Susam the Cat's personality well, but not the studio itself. We were a creative and unique team with two passionate designers/scientists and a cat. That was the side we should reflect on our brand and for that rebranding was necessary.

Our starting point was simple: A cat. But while we re-shape our brand, we wanted to create colorful one that would reflect our creative side.

We made our research, looked for inspirations and created moodboards. But after we started to sketching logo ideas, none of them satisfied us. Again, being both the client and the designer is really hard. After many hours of sketching, finally, the perfect idea came to us in the middle of the night. And, the next morning we were able to create our logo and it was just as we wanted.
Stand-alone Symbol​​​​​​​
Colors & Gradient

Like we have mentioned before, we wanted to create a colorful brand identity for "Susam Creative". That's why the most important choice would be the color palette. We wanted to use gradients both in our logo and on our website to create a modern and colorful touch. After trying different shades of green, blue and purple, we have decided to use purple shade on blue. And our color palette was formed with our primary blue and that purple shade in the center of it all.

We chose 3 clean and modern fonts to use on our website and printed materials.

A brand's website is the brand's presence online, and probably is the first chance for the brand to give a great first impression. In our situation, this is more important since we are a creative studio that helps clients creating the business of their dreams. We created a responsive website that reflects Susam Creative's brand and engages with our visitors. You can check the website design presentation of Susam Creative here
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Susam Creative - Branding

Susam Creative - Branding

Until today, we have worked with many brands and helped them create their dream business by designing their brand identities, websites and other Read More


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