T H E  B L E S S E D  E M O J I

Director Creativo Ejecutivo: Carlos Andrés Rodríguez,
Director Creativo: Jorge Eliécer Pinto Prada,
Redactor: Abel Antonio Gómez Moreno,
Director de Arte: Juan Sebastian Moreno, Julián Iván Olivares Bernal & Camilo Siatova
Edición: Edson David Abril, Jonahtan Andrés Bolivar

Today, young people and religion are more divided than ever. How can we use technology to join them again? Talking to them in the same language, and with the help of the biggest social influencer in Catholic Church: Pope Francis. On September the 7th, during one of the most important events in Colombian history, from the hands of  President Juan Manuel Santos, Nobel Peace Prize, and his youngest 
son, the Pope did something unprecedented: He blessed an emoji. 

The Blessed Emoji