Braziski Project: The Incredible Machine

The project worked around the idea of a factory building something, in this case typefaces.
We were looking for a steampunk feeling or something handmade and not too realistic, everything is raw and handmade.
We got heavly inspired by a great game from our childhood, The Incredible Machine,

Clearly we didn't make it too much like The Incredible Machine but the starting idea was that  we come across some kind of old factory, building typefaces.
We wanted to show an alternative typeface designing technique, in contrast with the modern digital typeface method.
It's not a CG Stop Motion, everything is hand painted, we wanted to entertain ourselves while producing this video, hope you will enjoy it this way!!

Credit also for: Andrea Mastroluca, Martina Setti and Stefano Lucente.

Watch in HD and full screen for a better experience!
Stop Motion Final Render 
Teaser Released 1 week before, just to make some hype, it worked :)
Professionista di cui alla Legge n. 4 del 14 gennaio 2013, pubblicata nella GU n. 22 del 26/01/2013.