magazine redesign
This is a school project. The task was to redesign Focus (polish pop-science magazine) and give it totally new fresh look - starting from the logo to covers and insides.

Eventually: logo, 3 covers (with own illustrations) + one issue inside
"O" in logo can be used separately. The colours of logo are not defined. Each issue of magazine has its own colours - depending on cover illustration.
Redesign is based on original covers. Graphics (photomanipulations) used in old covers were redrawn as illustrations with new composition and colours - giving it more eye-catching look.
grids, grids, grids...
All typography used on covers were rearranged to give a clean, simple look and making room for illustration to "pop".
Inside colours also depend on the cover.
It's a little bit smaller than A4, so it fits in every bag.
Thank you for watching!