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Social Media Profile Mockups Bundle 2020 - Template

Social Media Mockups Bundle 2020

A premium collection of mockups created to design, preview, brand, and present social media profiles.

This bundle contains 24 mockups delivered inside 12 PSD-files covering 12 different social media profiles. Profile pictures and cover photos can be conveniently designed inside upload ready Smart Objects. This product will move your design process right into the environment of a social media platform.

This product has been completely rebuilt and improved for four consecutive years in a row and has matured to an industry standard for design agencies all over the world. Every year, we seek to add as much value and flexibility as possible, to ultimately deliver the perfect tool for numerous different used cases for profile mockups.

Being able to rearrange and transform the mockups is fine, but adding modern device mockups by simply activating prepared layers in Photoshop is something else. Every text block is editable and can be personalized or translated. The well-labeled layer structure was built entirely vector-based to make lossless resizing possible - yes, you can scale them up to any size you need, these mockups will always look sharp. Features like these ensure high-quality and guarantee a wide range of applications.


• Design with a preview for mobile and desktop devices
• Providing up to date profile picture and cover photo sizes out of the box
• Mobile and desktop device mockups are included
• Mockups can be moved, rearranged or placed on a different background
• Every text block is editable and can be personalized or translated
• A vector-based layer structure ensures lossless resizing and high quality
• Delivered in PSD-files made for Adobe Photoshop CC
• Well organized and labeled layers
• A PDF guide is included
• Free annual updates


Free Facebook personal profile mockup (1 PSD-file for Photoshop CC) *Freebie*
The Big Bundle (11 PSD-files for Photoshop CC)
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Social Media Profile Mockups Bundle 2020 - Template

Social Media Profile Mockups Bundle 2020 - Template

A premium collection of mockups for Photoshop CC created to lift your design process for social media profiles to a new level of quality and effi Read More