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    Small experimental project I worked on in my spare time. A relative said I should try 'Space Dragons' for a change. So, after a little research i… Read More
    Small experimental project I worked on in my spare time. A relative said I should try 'Space Dragons' for a change. So, after a little research into automotive design, engineering, mechanical components, robotics, anatomy etc, I came up with these designs of the 'Dragon Probes', that melt their way through the hulls of any threatening alien ships, with super heated blow torches on their snouts. Read Less
'Space Dragons' is a small project I have worked on in my spare time. I have never really focused on extreme sci-fi before, so I was a bit out of my comfort zone, but had fun with the subject none the less. A bit of research into automotive design was involved this time, also engineering designs, various machinery, mechanincal components, wires and plugs, robotics, anatomy, blow torches, planes and anything along those lines. One of the main influences for Space Dragons came from the robots you see in car manufacturing. Right from the start I decided I wanted to create something along those lines, but with more animalistic qualities. The Idea for the final concept was to show a space battle between the space dragons and alien ships, so I wanted to create a 'man made' look to the space dragons. Something we could identify with, but clearly we wouldn't see it within a few hundred years. A loose narrative evolved from this idea, humans have left Earth by this point in time, and have made home in some system where other intelligent life is present. The 'Space Dragons' were engineered and built by humans, deliberatley given a frightening life like appearance to appear more intimidating to would be invaders. They are actually war probes, and are planted on several surrounding moons. When alien attack is imminent, the dragons are launched from moon based launch pads, like giant cannons aimed at the sky. The first stage is the dragon pod, which breaks open within several hundred metres of impact, unleashing the droid inside, which latches onto alien ships with giant blades, which take on the form of wings. The blades pierce through alien hulls, and send huge electrical currents through the object. At the same time, the dragon melts through the shell of the craft, with a specially designed blow torch that burns at over 2000 degrees. Located at the tip of the snout, it is fuled by two pressurised oxygen tanks, and ignited with an electrical spark. 
I found this project really enjoyable, as it was a new step for me. The research is always fun. At times I became stuck, but eventually broke through. 
Hope you enjoy 'SPACE DRAGONS'. 
This was the initial idea I had right from the beginning, and wanted to expand on this.
Quick sketch depicting pod breaking open, releasing dragon probe droid within. 
For the alien spacecraft, I wanted to design something that looked significantly different from the Space Dragons, so came up with a more organic quality. I did some research into deep sea creatures, but tried to steer clear of a jellyfish look, it still had to look like a machine, just a very alien one. The main influence actually came from internal organs. The purple craft below is originally based off lungs, but streamlined and distorted. The ' golden glow' is like a defensive act. Some sort of alien electrical charge. The idea came from the pulsating light displays seen in deep sea jellyfish.  
Above, dragon pods are launched from the stations based on the moon surface. The streams on the planet surface are home to millions of bioluminescent bacteria, explaining the greeny blue glow. 
A dragon taking down an alien craft. Brother dragons seen launching across moon surface.
Top view of space dragon. 
Alien pilot, biology and texture based on the craft he / she flies. Had to add in a little creature design!