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    What makes JK, JK? This should give you a better idea.
I'm the kid in your class who tends to sit as close to the door aspossible. This is because 1) I like to know who is coming and going, 2)I like to have easy access to get the fuck out of class when it's timeto go and 3) I want to be the first to see a school shooter roaming thehalls, so I can get a head start.

My confidence is bi-polar.At times I put myself down and other times I tip toe the Kanye Westline. I am addicted to music and hopefully I never get in legal troublebecause of it. I like money but don't like being an employee.

Idislike those who leap to conclusions about people before they knowthem. Im a complex individual. I know what having money is like andwhat food stamps is like. I have resided in housing projects in thestate of New York and spacious condos in the Sunshine State. I keep it
gangsta yet classy.  I don't take myself as seriously as my acting makes others think I do.

Iuse a lot of sarcasm. I am aware of my surroundings, sometimes to afault. I'm true to my word, and my word is truth. Word. I use slang injest because people think your ignorant if you use it and I likecrushing misconceptions. I never got locked up but not because I nevertried. I haven't consumed a soft drink since 2001 and I don't plan onrelapsing. Grey clouds run in my family. Dye from jeans runs on myshoes when it rains. I am also addicted to sneakers and I only cop themost potent product. And FYI, Stuart Scott of ESPN has a glass eye.