Alain Mikli® / Issey Miyake® - 2000/2001
Spectacles collection environment - 2000/2001
    All started with a meeting between Alain Mikli and Naoki Takizawa, then responsible for the design for Issey Miyake...

    The starting concept was especially directed towards the folding aspect of the frame, which made a compact and functional product, easy to carry. Developed in Titanium with micro-mecanisms, the product was really light and strong.
    But very quickly, beyond the simple mechanical or technological aspects of these glasses, we worked on the naturality of the product - idea born by a discussion with Philippe Guyot (manager of the Mikli design department) and me. By its aspect and proportions, the product soon appeared in our minds like an insect and especially a dragonfly. 
    The glasses became both folding wings and panoramic eyes, and the temples the body and structure.
By extension, the box became cocoon, the display became hive...

My involvment (in collaboration with Philippe Guyot) :

- Box design, conception, development - European Award of Packaging design 2001
- Display design and development - P.o.p Award for best display - POPAI® 2001
- Graphical Identity - P.R. Kit, leaflets, posters
- Booth conception
- Instructions leaflets drawings
- Frame collection technical drawings 

    The final product is one of the best frames ever made. I wore it for the last 9 years, folding in and out 10 times a day, and never had any problem. 
    The all environment for the concept was brillant and very well made.
    It was the first of his kind in the world of eyewear, using the codes of perfume or fashion to sell a very technical and sophisticated product.

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Conception drawing of the folding system
Displays / Product environment - First proposals
Displays - Second proposal (totem / hive)
Displays / Product environment / Graphical Identity - Last development phase
Definitive frames, boxes, displays
Graphical identity designs / Uses instructions drawings
Design of the booth - Silmo 2001 - Porte de Versailles - Paris - France