The following images were all created as a personal project.

The project is, at least in part, a way of dealing with that old problem of wanting to make something but not knowing what. After a chance remark on Twitter about how an earlier lowpoly image of mine looked very 'painterly' I thought it might be fun to attempt to reproduce a painting in Cinema 4d.

My self imposed 'rules' included:

• Use as few polys as possible
• No bitmap textures
• A minimum of post work (making it look better in Photoshop)

The images are presented in the order that I created them.
Still Life with Apples (after Paul Cezanne)
The Nostalgia of the Infinite (after Giorgio de Chirico)
Night Windows (after Edward Hopper
Portrait of Nick Wilder (after David Hockney)
The Empire of Light (after René Magritte)
The Haywain (after John Constable)
The Therapist (after René Magritte)
Isle of the Dead (after Arnold Böcklin)
Morning Sun (after Edward Hopper)
Portrait of Pierre Loti (after Henri Rousseau)