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China, Yunnan, Yuanyang
Just a moment. The one when the light marries the rice fields, the one when the drowned terraces shine ... the water can sing in the canals and flow from the heights of Yuanyang. The "valley of the purple clouds" opens a panorama where the sensual curves of the terraces delicately intertwine the hillsides. These agrarian wonders have been exploited in paddy fields for generations by the Hani minority. The traveler will learn patience and common sense by listening to the epic story of this people who spent some 1300 years to shape this work and imagine this extraordinary system of agricultural management under the Tang Dynasty. These confetti of battered earth, rustic, these terraces tinted with all the red ochres to camaieu, offer themselves to the gaze on a copper field. The moment is suspended! An oversized mosaic, composed of glittering sequin with irregular shapes reflects the lights of the sky. The Hani have realized there an exploit, a masterful work, vertiginous, in permanent mutation, and especially ... nurturing! For them, it is "the scales that rise to paradise."
Classed as a 2013 World Heritage Site, paddy fields rise in subtle shade and reflect the moods of the times when they are flooded. Nothing seemed favorable to the emergence of a market garden culture, here. But, "whoever wants to move mountains starts by removing small stones. "said Confucius !