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    Published @ Dark Beauty Magazine : ‘Snow White’ by Brothers Grimm is a favou… Read More
    Published @ Dark Beauty Magazine : ‘Snow White’ by Brothers Grimm is a favourite fairy tale to a lot of small and not so small girls. As every female wants to be the most beautiful of all – the story makes the reader wanting to experience Snow White’s adventurous life. The story has such a big value to me because no matter when it’s written, it has a modern plot - women always competing about beauty ready to pay any price in the name of perfection; family drama – a dead mother and a step mother being the torturer; a love story; a magic story. Thus, the storyline provokes me to question myself – what is it a woman ready to pay to be the most beautiful of all? Is the fairy tale more imaginative than realistic? I recreated looks that are dedicated to the strong individual women to whom the garments are just a final touch to the completion of their beauty. In my fairy tale Snow White has been saved by the woods and kept there forever safe from the claws of the Queen. I wanted to give the story a little more realism – in life there is not always a perfect escape or a complete happiness. As Snow White is part of the woods until the end of time I searched for a way to express the life cycle of nature – the four seasons. Thus, I dedicated my outfits to each season –spring, summer, autumn and winter- and one to the Queen. The Queen look is created in order to remind that evil will always exist and the human soul naturally has a darker side. As I was interested in digital printing – I took decision to represent each season through a print. I have used photos from my own archive and the landscape photographer Lora Todorova to develop textures that bring out the mood and the characteristics of each season. Moreover, as the grass is covering most of the earth and leafs are forming carpets on it during autumn, I was inspired to ‘merge’ the garments ,so each outfit no matter how many garments it has, will be in the same print – only different fabrics. Thus, I wanted to create the feeling that the body is covered in grass/leafs/snow. The main fabric that is used is polyester for banners – a heavy but very sculptural one. Thus, it will give a definite form to the flared high-waist skirts and fitted jackets. All designs are created through experimentation with tailoring methods. Swinging darts and making the best of them is my real passion and trademark. Consequently, my guideline and creative inspiration are Alexander McQueen’s words: ‘I spent a long time learning how to construct clothes, which is important to do before you can deconstruct them.’ This collection turned into a tribute to nature, colour, woman’s femininity/individuality and one of the most memorable literature characters - Snow White. In the actual photo shoot the photographer Yoan Galabov and I decided to recreate the story line by using a vintage door as part of the set. The lovely Vivien Stephanie jumped out of it as if the character comes alive in our reality. Our ‘Snow White’ Vivien managed to escape from the woods through a magic door. Two of the images represent the character of the Queen who tried to obsess Vivien’s body and mind - the evil desperately trying to take over. All in all,my team and I wanted to present a modern visual story with a new approach to one of the most popular fairy tales of our time. Read Less