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    Packaging for a special edition album was created for the Norwegian, Simon-and-Garfunkel-sounding band, Kings of Convenience. Their lyrics allude… Read More
    Packaging for a special edition album was created for the Norwegian, Simon-and-Garfunkel-sounding band, Kings of Convenience. Their lyrics allude to memories and images from the past, so I created a memory-box with postcards inside containing montages and lyrics on the back for each track. Read Less
"Every day there's a boy in the mirror asking me...What are you doing here?" 
- from the song 'Homesick'
"If you wanna be my friend
You want us to get along
Please do not expect me to
Wrap it up and keep it there
The observation I am doing could
Easily be understood
As cynical demeanour
But one of us misread...
And what do you know
It happened again

A friend is not a means
You utilize to get somewhere
Somehow I didn't notice
friendship is an end
How come no-one told me
All throughout history
The loneliest people
Were the ones who always spoke the truth
The ones who made a difference
By withstanding the indifference
I guess it's up to me now
Should I take that risk or just smile?"
- from the song 'Misread'
"Through the alleyways to cool off in the shadows, then into the street following the water.
There's a bearded man paddling in his canoe, looks as if he has come all the way from the Cayman Islands."
- from the song 'Cayman Islands'
"I was alone and freezing, still trying hard to understand you.
I wish I had your scarf still, that once embraced, and kept me warm.
I wish you could be with me, in these last days when I am still hopelessly poor."
- from the song 'Stay Out of Trouble'
"Riding on this know-how.
Never been here before.
Peculiarly entrusted, possibly that's all.
Is history recorded, does someone have a tape?
Surely, I'm no pioneer, constellations stay the same.
'Cause no one will ever know, that this was happening, so tell me why you listen, when nobody's talking.
Oh... You and me alone, sheer simplicity..."
- from the song 'Know How'
"There's a bench I remember, and on the way there I find that the movements you're making, are mirrored in mine.
And your hand is held open, intentionally, or just what I want to see?
Your increasingly long embraces, are they saying sorry or please?"
- from the song "Sorry or Please"
"All I do is sleep all day, and think of you.
A memory of the cushion life I'm clinging to.
The image of a mutual one, our haven.
The sombre chords of our song,
Love is no big truth, driven by our genes, we are simple selfish beings.
A symphony that's you, joyously awaking the ignorant and sleeping."
- from the song 'Love Is No Big Truth'
"I'd rather dance with you than talk with you, so why don't we just move into the other room.
The music's too loud and the noise from the crowd increases the chance of misinterpretation.
So let your hips do the talking.
I'll make you laugh by acting like the guy who sings, and you'll make me smile by really getting into the swing."
- from the song "I'd Rather Dance With You"
"Against the evening sky a formation, a million black birds looking like one."
- from the song 'Live Long'
"When past sometimes takes you with soft hands, forcelessly pulls you to your chair.
Hides you away from these half days, sunless at the end of the year.
The air is like a knife cutting through you.
A room in the house is always warm.
Stretched out on the bathroom floor, thinking, of fair days your future may hold.

Love comes like surprise ice on the water,
love comes like surprise ice at dawn.

Deprived of the light and of colours, the world ends at your windowtree.
Darkness creates these illusions, but pale days can teach you to see.
Rain falls, but no life is given, weeks pass, no progress is made.
Past sometimes takes you with soft hands, and all that surrounds you will fade."
-from the song 'Surprise Ice'
"Gold in the air of summer,
you'll shine like gold in the air of summer."
- from the song 'Gold in the Air of Summer'
"The spinning top made a sound like a train across the valley, fading,
oh so quiet but constant til it passed,
over the ridge into the distances written on your ticket to remind you where to stop,
and when to get off."
- from the song 'The Build Up'