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    «Centuries of cosmetic “savoir-faire” married with an insatiable quest to harness the power of the world’s rarest active ingredients; skincare fo… Read More
    «Centuries of cosmetic “savoir-faire” married with an insatiable quest to harness the power of the world’s rarest active ingredients; skincare for an ever changing world…nature, passion, innovation, sensuality, results, revolution…Join the journey». Read Less
Centuries of French cosmetic "savoir-faire" married with an insatiable quest to harness the power of the world's rarest active ingredients; skincare for an ever changing world...nature, passion, innovation, sensuality, results, revolution...


"Ar457 is a brand uniting beauty and sciencemasterfully with the powers of Argan Oil and new technology to produce aninterblend of luxurious qualities and efficient skincare. Even upon first application one cannotresist the unique formulations and textures of such a comprehensive range,which simply plunges skin into a pool of hydration to restore and rebalance."

Nadiva V Persaud - Makeup Artist  

From the very beginning, ar457 has been the expression of a single idea and desire to fuse an ancient beauty secret
and cutting-edge cosmetics using the latest discoveries to enhance and refine a natural miracle.

The cult of excellence
- High concentrations of rare and precious natural active ingredients sourced throughout the world for radiant and sublime skin day after day.
- Unique fragrances and textures, opening the senses to new horizons.

cosmetic in a state of freedom
ar457 has strived to design the most natural formulas possible as long as results and comfort are ensured.
Being an “intelligent active ingredient”, Argan oil adapts to every skin type, regenerating dry skins and equilibrating greasy ones.

uncompromising quality
To obtain an uncomparable quality of Premium virgin Argan oil, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has established a preferential partnership with their Morrocan cooperative. Using a patented ambiant temperature fabrication process at their laboratory
to preserve the properties of the natural active ingredients and reduce the energy consumption by up to 50%.
A skincare line, used and admired by some of the most discerning beauty professionals and spas worldwide,
always pushing the limits of performance further.
Argan oil at the forefront of ar457’s architecture
An ancient beauty fluid, Argan oil is an unprecedented natural concentrate whose outstanding virtues are still being discovered even now by scientists worldwide. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and gifted with a high content of linoleic acids (Omega 6), Argan oil corrects the deficiencies in essential fatty acids, crucial to reverse and delay the skin ageing process.
Contains an exceptional proportion of tocopherols (E vitamin), known for their antioxidant and anti free radical
virtues; thus playing an important part in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
By actively stimulating the intra-cellular oxygenation, Argan oil favors the restoration of the hydro-lipid layer
and regenerates the skin cells, therefore increasing their nutrients content and the skin’s elasticity;
leaving it soft and incomparably radiant.
In order to enhance the native properties of this unique and precious oil, ar457 formulas fuse cutting-edge natural active ingredients with millenary beauty secrets. These new synergies are at the origin of ar457’s exclusivity and strength.
"I'm finding that using a gnetler touch, and a lighter hand, can deliver glow-getting results, provided you're using the right cleanser, of course, and for me, that would be ar457's Skin Cleanser"

SUGAR SHOCK, Beauty Blog
"A new range of ethically sound skincare has harnessed the powers of Moroccan Argan oil and it will do as much for your soul as for your skin"

ar457 seen by Bethan Cole - Journalist (Sunday Times, UK)
"ar457 serum is amazing, i's like a 10hrs sleep. Most of my clients are burning the candle at both ends, we use Elixir every night or even as a pre-base, it leaves the skin beautifully fresh, plump and ready for action"

ar457 seen by Karen Alder - Famous Makeup Artist

"How Australian pop princesss Kylie Minogue is she looking after her gorgeous skin now? The answer is ar457's Elixir Metaserum, a highly concentrated blend of Argan oil and essential nutrients"

"My latest crush is ar457's Elixir Metaserum. It's a transludent hydrating liquid that leaves skin plump and moist, and it contains incredibly high levels of the antioxidant tocopherol (vitamin E). I have jettonised a much-hyped £220 moisturizer in favor of it"

ar457 seen by Bethan COLE - InStyle (UK)
"ar457's Metaserum Elixir, which contains the oil (argan) is marvelously regenerative & soothing for sensitive skin"

ar457 - Seen by NIcky KINNAIRD - SPACE NK Founder - leading beauty visionnaire
"Exfoliate the skin twice a week is a real must...I love using [peel] & [eq-M} together, they leave the skin radiant and fresh"


A unique, exclusive exfoliant scrub with a nourishing Argan base.

Renewing Argan Scrub [peel] is a revolutionary concentrated fluid that offers the smoothing power of micro-pulverized Argan nuts and the continuous moisturizing qualities of its natural active ingredients. Your skin is freed from its impurities and dull outer layer, leaving it nourished, protected and radiant.


A secret chemistry, of an unprecented intensity, that targets stretch marks and makes the skin visibly firmer.

The new result of ar457’s cosmetic expertise, Redefining & Firming Care |backup| introduces a spectacular fusion of super active natural ingredients and revolutionary compounds, providing the skin with an in-depth regeneration. The ultra fluid and creamy texture of the |backup| body care is rapidly absorbed for a smooth and silky skin.
Results / 72% reduction of strech marks’ depth on average
after a 28 day treatment programme*.

A trio of avant-garde active ingredients for an unprecedented anti-cellulite & slimming action

This ultimate body cream is the fruit of a never ending quest towards efficacy. Fusing a selection of three active ingredients, |ctrl| will leave the body contour redefined, suppler & firmer.
Results / Anti-Cellulite Action : 19% reduction of cellulite aspect on average after a 28 day treatment programme; Slimming Action : up to 1.8 inches fat reduction on hips, 2 inches on stomach and 0.8 inches of thighs after a 56 day treatment programme*.


A cascade of amber vitality that makes your body firmer and more beautiful.

Thanks to its subtle, satin-like texture, Silky oil [hcor] softens the skin and makes it firmer, suppler and more resilient. Its “dry oil” specific formula enables you to get dressed immediately after application.
A cascade of amber vitality that makes your body firmer and more beautiful.

Rich in Argan oil, and combined with a complex solar filter Well-Being Care [dwlb], will leave your skin perfectly moisturized, nourished and protected against daily stresses.
This complex yet light cream provides all-round daily care. It protects your skin throughout the day, enhancing your freedom.


The energizing quality of a mask and the richness of Argan oil, [eq-M] purifies, balances & restructures.

On top of its purifying and deep cleansing qualities, Balancing & Refining Mask [eq-M] adds a complex mix of biodynamic and restructuring active ingredients.
Thanks to its film-forming and smoothing properties, it also provides intense protection. Your skin is appreciably softer, suppler, and incomparably beautiful.

The virtues of an anti-ageing treatment in a special makeup remover, to cleanse and refine your skin.

ar457 Skin Cleanser [dmkr] (face/eyes/lips) restores your skin’s natural radiance whilst removing the most resistant makeup. Your skin is not only cleansed but it is moisturized, lifted, and recovers its natural radiance.


The ultimate Time Shield designed to restore and protect the eye contour.

Long Lasting Eye Contour [look] offers an immediate response to the visible signs of ageing. Combining a duo of biopolymers and atelocollagen, to smooth and fill wrinkles and fine lines, along with a highly sophisticated light-diffusing effect designed to minimize imperfections, it gradually rejuvenates the eye area, with stimulating and revitalizing effects. The skin recovers elasticity, suppleness and glow, making the eyes seems fuller.

A natural inspiration, an Avant-garde cosmetic in an Absolute Concentrate of pure Beauty!

Elixir Metaserum [lyf] offers the quintessential anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, rehydrating properties of Argan oil and combines it with an avant-garde seaweed extract, Padina Pavonica. Elixir directly nourishes the epidermis and increases its ability to renew itself by multiplying hydrophilic agents; helping your skin combat the aggressive effects of sunlight, abrasions and other irritations.

[ny-t] restores the natural balance of your skin, and brings back its youth and radiance

Thanks to its regenerating and healing qualities, ar457 Regenerating Care [ny-t] compensates the deficiencies in sensitive, mature and dry skin. Not only does this outstanding beauty care bring natural radiance back to the skin
but it leaves it perfectly moisturized, protected, toned and supple
ar457 Cellulite & Slimming Care |ctrl|

With a mere three beachholidays coming up in June, and a penchant for carbs followed by more carbs, Ihave been sifting through the lookfantastic shelves, trying out everyproduct that promises to have me bikini-ready in no time. Lazy? Maybe, but tellme, does anyone really get through a hangover on edemame beans and mineralwater alone? And is hitting the gym after a long day at the office moreappealing than sitting on the sofa and catching with the latest episode ofTOWIE? I think not.
ar457 Cellulite & Slimming Care promises to redefine the body’scontour, prevent fat deposits developing, and drain tissues to minimisecellulite. Enriched with argan oil, the ingredient of the moment, Iknew it would leave my skin soft and glowing.
After usingthis cream twice daily, I could almost instantly see a change in the appearanceof my skin. It looked far more even and felt softer. Thebottle’s unique dispenser makes it easy to apply, and it smells very summery,almost like suncream! I have now been using it for 2 weeks and I can safely saythe skin on my tummy looks more taught (despite the vino, pasta and lack of situps), and my thighs are showing signs of improvement. With just a few weeks togo until the first beach escapade, I’m pretty sure I will have lost at least acouple of centimetres from my waist!

ar457 seen by Sarah T - Look Fantastic
REVIEW: ar457 Silky Oil
AUTHOR SarahT  - RachelF
DATE - 01 Jun 2012

It’s that time of year again when we have to decide whether we dare to bare. Throughout the winter I’m pretty good at keeping my skin soft and hydrated, but when summer creeps up on us I can get caught out and not realise that my skin is parched until it’s too late and I’ve already revealed my dry elbows…the shame.
If like me you want satin smooth, firm skin give ar457 Silky Oil a whirl, I did and I haven’t looked back since. If you think a body oil has to be super messy and leave you greasy and gleaming like a bodybuilder – think again.

Silky Oil contains skin strengthening Argan oil, a pure & organic ingredient trusted for centuries to nourish and restore skin. Velvety soft and wonderfully cooling on your thirsty skin, Silky Oil leaves it hydrated, firmer and youthfully supple. Perfect for girls on the go, the dry oil mist sinks into the skin so quickly, you can get dressed immediately after application.
Powerful anti-ageing ingredients enrich this indulgent skin treat, antioxidants and delta sterols firm cell tissues and promote refined, toned skin. Most revitalising of all is the refreshing scent, a gentle menthol fragrance that stimulates the skin and mind.

The Highlights: After the first use my skin was incredibly smooth and baby soft, I am now a body oil convert. I use Silky Oil after bathing; the handy spray bottle makes application a breeze, no mess, no fuss. It’s a great skincare staple, perfect as a soothing skin treat after shaving and sun exposure. The rich argan oil and delicate fragrance feel so indulgent, I feel like I’m treating myself to regular spa treatments!

Who knew a little Skin TLC could be so revitalising?
Best For: Thirsty skin that deserves a little pampering