ubisapdesign studio leads the meeting evolution with it's novel interactive collaboration furniture CORING_the core of meeting
CORING is not just another touch-screen table. It's unique design, technology integration and best of their class components consist CORING one of a kind. It aims to redefine business meetings with its customizability into a more creative and interactive experience!

CORING creates an exceptional experience of business communication, providing functional versatility, technological potential and modern aesthetics in one piece of "new" furniture - one that would enhance collaboration and productivity in every aspect through it's unique characteristics. It could be a very useful meeting tool for architects, designers, progressive presentations/evaluations, home appliances or cars industries, universities, museums, libraries, etc...!

rotating touch-screen table allowing equal interaction for up to six(6) people

plug&play with almost any device-PC even during the same meeting
compatible with object recognition or pen or mouse/keyboard
CNC cut and handmade metal structure with easy on-site assembly
exceptional components for the touch system, the cover top glass and TV-monitor

detachable standing or sitting support following the overall furniture design aesthetics
uniquely designed interactive furniture with four(4) color options
CORING_ presentation video
Business and social meeting trends have been continuously changing throughout the recent years and new standards for set-up and interior design aim at making meetings more casual and interactive. Dynamic collaboration spaces and customizable workstations are usually provided by touch-screen tables, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.
CORING can be generally characterized as one of these, but it is not just another touch-screen table. It is a technology integrated furniture system with unique characteristics, like it's rotating round table top, a detachable standing or sitting support for up to 6 people, fully costumizable device connectivity (DIY) and contemporary user-oriented aesthetics.
CORING can accommodate up to 6 people with space for their personal items or beverages. Its rotating table system allows any of its users to customize and use as his/her own personal computer “on-the-fly”. All of these 6 people can use the touch-screen table at a standing or sitting position, as long as the other can rest in a semi-standing or sitting relaxing position. This resting area can be easily removed in order for the table to be used in a different fashion.

In terms of pc system connectivity, CORING is very versatile, as long as the UI of the touch-screen system is "plug and play" and nearly every OS devise can connect and function with this. This characteristic allows many different users to convert their own devises easily into a large 43" touch-screen computer, even during the same business meeting...!
CORING at "Athens Innovation Festival" (AIF2017) - Zappeio, Athens _ ready for interaction!
CORING at "Athens Innovation Festival" (AIF2017) - Zappeio, Athens _ University students meeting time...
CORING_timelapse(the making of)
CORING at 100% Design 2017 - Olympia, London_stand W149
CORING at 100% Design 2017 - Olympia, London_CAD demonstration
CORING at 100% Design 2017 - Olympia, London_showing CORING's brochure
CORING is inspired, designed and produced by the Greek design studio ubisapdesign, a studio established in 2009 by civil engineer(Msc in Interactive Products and Systems Design) Athanasios Kyratzis. The main activities of the office include residential and tourist's accommodation architecture, interior and product design. The holistic approach of design methods combined with the use of new technologies and materials consist follow up the principal philosophy of the office.
The team supporting this project consists of professionals from different disciplines, such as designers, structural and HID engineers and last - but not least - experienced craftsmen. By making the prototype of "CORING stand", we faced many difficulties and delays - but through this procedure we also managed to establish strong business relationships with our final suppliers. Thus, we are confident that our production line is set up! So, if nothing goes wrong beyond our responsibility, the production model will be as we expect in every aspect.

Despite being a quite new and small office, we at ubisapdesign studio can assure the construction reliability and after-sales support for the family of CORING. The triptych of our studio - reliable functional design - warranty a lifetime relationship with great potential.
Join meeting evolution at http://www.coring.gr

CORING can be connected with almost any device...in this case with a netbook(Linux OS)


CORING is a novel interactive collaboration furniture, that leads the evolution of meeting spaces!