C.A.S.T. Projector
C.A.S.T. Portable Projector
Cloud. Automated. Short. Throw.
Redefine the efficiency of portable projectors.

Identifying the problems​​​​​​​                                                                                                  
+ Those who do regular business meetings and presentations know the importance of having everything they need ready and organized the day before, the worst case scenario is losing that small USB flash drive.
+ People don't want to see you plugging in cables, fixing a technical issue or scrolling through tons of files and folder. Setting up should be simple.
Target Market                                                                                                                
+ This portable projector is aimed towards consumers who are looking to simplify their presentation set up.
Final Design                                                                                                                   
The C.A.S.T. Projector is based around the cloud and provides your with your presentation needs when you need it.
+ The rotation of the projector body allows the lens to be protected from damage
How it Works                                                                                                                 
+ While the primary function is based around the cloud, a headphone jack and HDMI port is provided for basic outputs.
+ Back: Stereo speakers
+ Left: Fan holes, USB-C port

Remote Prototype                                                                                                          
+ Sintra board, felt paper and elastic strap
+ Ergonomically placed on the hand, by using a finger strap
+ Prevents from dropping
+ Frees hand for multitasking
+ Minimal aesthetic
+ Front: Touch pad, volume buttons
+ Top: USB-C charging port
+ Back: Elastic finger strap
+ Remote clips in under the projector

User Interface                                                                                                               
C.A.S.T. Cloud
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C.A.S.T. Projector

C.A.S.T. Projector

The future is wireless, the future is the cloud. The C.A.S.T projector is a cloud based projector providing you with your files wherever and when Read More


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