Designed by Felipe Calderón / 2017

Melts Script from Estudio Calderón is a typeface based on Harlow Solid SB from Colin Brignall. It is made by round traces, with a simple design and a slightly “chubby” look.

We wanted to propose a new version that works as an alternative of Harlow Solid, with connectors  at the same heightand a complementary Font “Melts Sanscript” with sans serif capitals to be combined with lowercase scripts.

Supporting 219 latin based languages, which are spoken in 212 countries.

Psssss....It includes alternatives, swashes, ligatures and a version called Glint Glint, especially designed for those who want to highlight their works.

Melts Script has glyphs with similar features to Harlow Solid SB, in capital letters and lower cases, it also has an improvement in the vector drawing especially in the curves of final traces, the X height is higher and a Sanscript style for the text composition with sans serif capital letters.

All this features were taken into account with the aim to keep the original design of Harlow™ (1977/1979) by Colin Brignall for Letraset.

Get Melts Script here