Pioneered in the spirit of curation and experience, 1KM is an exclusive discovery of creatives who live and work within the one-kilometre radius in the same neighbourhood. Like-minded entrepreneurs in art, design, architecture, retail and F&B are putting together ‘satellite events’ for curious eyes and potential collaborations with some of Asia’s most imaginative minds.

The letterform in the logo can be adapted to the width or height of different layouts suggesting how creatives are reachable within close proximity. The visual language is flexible and it provides a sense of movement moving across fields of applications.

The campaign visual takes directions from the neighbourhood's vernacular typography and visually reference the unique architecture of the area here. Key words related to 1KM are condensed into different typographical objects like buildings and roads in creating the campaign visual. Red colour is considered for the identity as it's used to grab visitors' attention in the vibrant neighbourhood.