Thanksgiving 2017 Update
Prototypes have started arriving, four high-end servers using 3D Max are rendering "fly by" views of Communicator 24/7 right now. Each image takes 6 minutes thus 10 images per hour x 4 64 core servers = 40 images an hour x 20 = 800 per day - at 30 frames a second we would need 2.5 minutes or 4500 images for one video and we are planning on creating ten = 45,000 images. Whew - that's a lot of geometry. 


Communicator Work - Various renders over the past year as we have been further defining the feature set. The aren't in any particular order. If you know of any 3D artists who know 3D Max, Solidworks, Keyshot - refer them to dwkeith on skype or . We are looking for individuals who consider themselves experts (and really are), those who feel they speak excellent English (and really can) and artists who understand and can appreciate all of the features of our up-coming smart-phone accessory (and really do).

SUMMARY: Looking for qualified help for product completion and promotion.

Our project is filled with features - so many we are considering pairing down a half a dozen of them into different products and releasing separately vs. confusing buyers with such a "swiss army knife" approach.

Each of the technologies cross-over into other uses hence their inclusion and possible exclusion from the final product. We are positioning Communicator as a must-have smartphone accessory.

Some of the features include the ability to translate up to 100 languages in real-time through the use of Google, Microsoft and Skpe APIs. We are also including some of the legal and medical definitions from $2Billion, though little known, Nuance.
SUMMARY: Technology wise we have the best translation tool on the market today. Google, Microsoft, Skype and Nuance software is licensed and used.

Excellent for school - The ability to translate also includes the ability to take audio in real-time in any language and transcribe same into any needed language. Thus, we are going to also be releasing a product called the Transcriptor.It is a great way for students to record all of the teachings of their professor by recording every class and converting the audio files, including all of the questions from the students in the class into a written and searchable text format. Our licensed Google technology provides assistance with both the transcription, translation and search capabilities. It also assists with reviewing large blocks of texts and creating a summary as well as sub-headers for the sub-categories.

Excellent for organizations and corporations. This transcription technology can also be used at corporate board meetings, organizational meetings such as daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews. It allows the attendees the ability to retain more from the meeting via listening than spending the greatest amount of time taking notes. Should a boss ask the user any question about the meeting - a report can be delivered to the boss or other person in the company including a Summary and subheadings.

Excellent for personal life. The Transcriptor can be used in any personal relationship by recording all conversations between users and their friends, family members or acquaintances. It can settle any disagreements by allowing the party initiating the storage of the conversations to a) query by date, subject or attendees b) play back the original recording or c) show a summary of what was said by all parties should their be a discrepency.

Integration with vehicles, Samsung televisions or other devices that have an audio port. The Transcribor has the ability to be paired with other technologies such a car or truck or a
Samsung large screen television. The conversations in vehicles can be automatically recorded, searched and summarized quite easily.

Voice Recognition and Identification of attendees of meetings.  Our various technologies incorporate a patent-pending audio digital signature creation. Thus, whenever someone calls you via their phone we capture the telephone number of the caller, name of the caller as well as the date, time and a digital signature of their voice. This feature saves a great deal of time categorizing who is speaking at any meeting. It also keeps track of the amount of time each person spends with you speaking, the number of words that are said and the top ten words used the most frequently.

Four microphones are included in Communicator, Transcribor, etc. we use two microphones to capture close in conversations. Two of the microphones are to capture conversations that are greater than 100 ft and up to 100 meters. These microphones are similar to those seen on the sidelines of an NFL  football game which have a long boom that receives the signals but bounces them back into the arc.

We have 3D prototypes being currently build for our product - the Communicator right now. The first prototype made with a 3D printing device is delivering our product in the next week. When we receive this we are going to need to have someone do the following:
1. Sand the product down so that it is smooth, with no protruding burrs.
2. Paint it with spray paint that we have already chosen that matches the Lamborghini Countach virtually identically
3. Let the paint dry either naturally or under heat lamps
4. Add a second, third, fourth or however many coats of paint that are needed to have it look perfectly.
5. Spray some coats of clear laquor onto the device.
6. Take a sheet of 1/8th or 1/4th polyeurethane one half inch in width and roughly 6 inches long and place it into the device.
7. Using the sheets of acetate we will provide you print out the various interfaces we have created using Kinko's Fed Ex or your own professional color printer.
8. We will provide you with all of the necessary parts to do this job
9. We are creating two levels of Prototypes, the first are to be used and tested for how they handle in the hands of users.
10. The second type of prototype will be one that has all of the electronics inside the tube. We are looking for individuals who have the ability to assist our efforts with Level I and Level II efforts but they are mutually exclusive - meaning you don't  have to have a solid understanding of electronics in order to assist us with Level I