C A F E T O 
Roasting Lab


The owner want a coffee shop that attract young people who love enjoying high quality coffee, want to know more about beans, machines, roasting 
More than that, the brand concept must highlight the owner who is a coffee specialist herself and has her own company on import coffee beans for market. 

After doing market survey, people get used to traditional coffee taste (made from Robusta bean, high caffeine, strong taste, black, burnt smell). Only the youth, baristas, coffee shop owners know about the big world of coffee and care about learning and tasting more. So despite of a professional coffee lab, we focus on making the area elegant, relax so that people can enjoy new coffee tastes and take a journey to the coffee world through training, talk shows and cupping events held by the owner and her friends. The coffee shop is also a showroom for the company, display beans, roasting machines … so the customers can both enjoy the coffee at the shop, getting to know the process then they buy the beans to make their own coffee. The owner can guide them because she is a specialist, this will also help building her personal brand. Visually we made the brand identity elegant.
We delivered a new Brand Story, a brand identity that works across each touch point . CAFETO was launched on September 1995 and be trusted as a high quality coffee shop among coffee loving communities

instagram: @luis.pantaleon.mx

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instagram: @luis.pantaleon.mx