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    Design concept of modern bezel-less BlackBerry phone
Smartphone manufactures once attracted customers with a thin all-metal body. A little bit later, they attracted with the processor cores number, and then with the camera pixels number and the second supporting camera module.
Now we can see how the thickness, number of cores and second cameras in smartphones are not the main criteria for selection. And the all-metal body began to appear in a most modern smartphones, thereby reducing the obvious differences in design.
From this year, manufacturers are trying to reduce the screen frame. And yes, now it looks attractive. But will future smartphones be all as one without frames and look alike? Well, how should manufactures stand out?

BlackBerry is one of the few companies that does not follow main fashion trends, but moves in its own way, albeit not very successful. For this, they can be respected. But why don't people buy their products? Of course, from latest product is worth noting – “KeyOne”, and before – “Passport Silver Edition”, even earlier – “Classic” model and so on. They look awesome. At the first sight you can see the recognizable “BlackBerry spirit”. But all this phones have a physical keyboard, which does not quite fit the definition of a mass modern smartphone. In my opinion, BlackBerry keyboardless models is not so attractive and devoid of this "spirit."

All of the above situation with the smartphones development and with such respected but failed company motivated me to dream up on the topic "What would be the most perfect modern smartphone, and even if it was from the BlackBerry?".