Women in particular have always been told to take regard for there ownsafety when walking the streets at night, however, stereotypical situations like the long, dark alley arecausing women to drop this protection and forget that in today’s society crimecan happen everywhere. I photographed locations that are average and not threatening to the passer by, yet have witnessed some horrendous crimes there. My intention was not to scare,but to shock, and change the way women think, view and construct their personalsafety today.
A 22-year-old woman was raped as she walked home alone after celebrating her birthday. The woman was grabbed and dragged into bushy area early in the morning and suffered a vicious and unprovoked attack. It is thought the victim had been followed.

Mother-of-two wassexually attacked and strangled to death in her own home, her body was found byher 14 year-old daughter arriving home from school at 4.15pm. Found in theirfirst floor bathroom of their ranch style home, there were no signs of abreak-in.
A young mother (20)was fatally stabbed at midday in front of her nine-month-old daughter in Bell’samusement arcade. She was stabbed in the chest, collapsed and stoppedbreathing, she later died in hospital, her child was left unharmed.
A 21-year-old womanwas raped as she walked to work during the morning. The woman was grabbed andthen raped in a prolonged attack in a grassy area.
A manattempted to rape a 26-year-old woman. The woman was dragged into nearby bushes, in the early hours of themorning and subjected to a serious sexual assault.