Capitals // Tokyo font

Here our new typo-graphic project based on the study of a particular class of font. Analyzing google maps, we realized that every city possesses its own font. Hidden in plain sight.

A unique and special font linked directly to the territory, directly to the city, to the buildings. All you need is to take a look from the sky.
Start with maps....
Find your letters... (belive's really hard: R and Q are nightmare!)
Isolate your shape

The project is called CAPITAL, because we started from capital cities and because the font will be provided all in capital letters.
We realized Milano, NewYork and now Tokyo.

We want to create something closely inspired from the territory and from urban planning we live in.
We think that the first result is not bad at all and we think that we can open up new interpretations to the concept of “font”.
In our next steps, we'll analyze Paris in order to discover similarities and differences and to see if we can talk about “Typocity”, a typographic style of a city.

Capitals // Tokyo font