Fashion is very much a subject that involves everyone, even if on theoutside you don’t appear to be. Subconsciously the clothes you pick and presentyourself in, are a reflection of your personality. If this is true, then why infashion magazines and fashion photo shoots are we constricted to seeing onlyone type of model? Models who are brought in and told what to wear, where isthe subconscious personality in that situation? For my fashion portrait Iwanted to show a true portrait and an underlying story of one unexpectable typemodel and their true fashion personality. So who out of society has really seenall the fashion trends; an older woman who also happens to be a fashionhoarder, having never thrown out any of her wardrobe throughout her lifetime,and living throughout some of the most memorable trends of the 20 thcentury. Performing a dress up type fashion timeline, I asked her to select 6of her most memorable or meaningful outfits for the photo shoot, and let herfreely pose in a hoarder type set. Some people might argue that this storywould be constructed better and become more personal if shot within her ownhome, this might be true to say. However my take on the fashion portrait was tocontrast and humour the predictable fashion photography, which is taken withinstudios with a built set.
Fashion Hoarder