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    PauseFest 2012 ID - 'NoteToSelf'
It was an honor to be involved with PAUSE FEST 2012. I was asked (alongwith other incredible artists) to create an animation ID. This year's theme was "Future", which I struggled with a lot in the beginning. Good friend and talented sound designer, Alain Mikuni, created the brilliant music piece upfront for me to work off from. During my process of research and development I stumbled across an inspiring Quote by Barack Obama, which served perfectly as a lead narrational element. The main visual key object is the "oh so popular" aztec calendar, which worked with the theme and had some interesting geometrical details that I could play with. I also took advantage of the amazing ancient aztec and mexican patterns to underline & reinforce this idea and concept.

In summary, my idea of the future is pretty bright. I am very aware of all the danger and negativity that surrounds us, which confirms my theory of "It can only get better". The music and animation style go hand in hand with that idea and overall atmosphere.
As usual, I learned a lot whilst working on this project and to be honest, conceptually this really had me going crazy at points, however it also helped me evolve and get a deeper understanding of the relation between moving image and it's message&content.

Thanks again to George, Caspian and the PauseFest team for allowing me to be a part of this amazing project - your support is appreciated.

Software: Cinema4D // AfterEffects
Music by  Alain Mikuni

Sound and HD recommended.
Apologies for the compression artifacts.