Submission for the Dota2 Polycount contest.

This is a Dota2 full set items for the Brewmaster. These items replace the original ones that came with the game. Filipe Andrade had the original idea and made the sketches and I modelled and textured.
The set is now up for voting by all Steam users at the workshop.
The contest ends on the 19th of November and winners are revealed on the 3rd of December.

Steam workshop link
Dota2 Polycount contest

All models had two versions and 4 textures: Difuse, nomal map, mask1 and mask2.
The difuse was the color map, the normal map was obtained from a higher resolution mesh. Mask1 and 2 controlled metalness, specular, glow, etc through the independent use of the RGBA channels.

Each model had its own polygon budget limit. The weapon was around 350 for Lod1 and 400 for Lod0. Lod1 is the version that appears in game and Lod0 is the version for the portrait.