STB Design Visual Identity
Autumn 2017
Your favorite TV Shows
Flat design is a new standard
We came up with an idea about using flat style, paralax animation that gives you a better browse content. You can take your experience to the next level. 

Your favorite TV show is more lifelike than ever.
We put everything you watch 
in one style
We developed flexible brand identity

Identity in Motion
Watch now our video case and feel the smooth moves
Design Department Team
Chief Designer: Dmytro Litvinenko
Art Director: Andrew Gorlov
Producer: Kristina Zaremba
Design: Vladimir Bochko, Julya Kotsuba, 
Tatiana Gosteva-Govorova, Vlada Bortnovska
3D: Alexander Ryazanov, Artem Lebedev
Animation: Igor Rozhankovskiy, Kseniia Borovenko, Anton Raduchits
Roman Vereshchagin, Ivan Yarun, Sergey Zhilenko
Sound: Fedir Khivrich, Vyacheslav Muzichenko
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