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Manufactured from 1959 to 1995 (and still produced and licensed to Khodro in Iran), the L-Series is one of the most successful truck in Mercedes-Benz history.

It's characterized by its short bonnet (or its "semi-advanced cabin", how it was also known in Brazil) and the mask-like front grille with its headlights inside, originally oval and then rectangular after a 1982 facelift in Brazil.

It was a relatively popular truck and many people have someone in family who had it in Brazil. Also, it was so resistant and versatile truck that it was prepared to face the very bad conditions of roads (much of them unpaved) so that it is still seen working in many places.

This project is a tribute to the truck that represents nostalgia for many people in Brazil and other contries where it ran.

The "L-series revival" keeps as identity the short bonnet, the "semi-advanced cabin" with the doors over the wheel, the headlights inside the front grille and its high ground clearance.