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    Guerrilla + Viral
"Life is full of ups and downs. We're there for both". Considering its new claim, UniCredit has asked us to develop two guerrilla operations to show how a "down" moment can turn into a fun "up" time. The first step take place at the counter of an ATM, while the second theme is based on football and the Champions League (of which UniCredit is sponsor). The guerrillas were filmed and released on the web.
Guerrilla, "Like in the Champions Leaugue"
A Champions League-style support invades a small stadium in the suburbs during a children’s football match.
Guerrillas, "Crazy ATM”
An ATM that is different from all the others. The options are "Reload good mood", "Withdraw Happiness" and "Store issue." For each choice the ATM reacts giving some gadgets and funny lines.