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    Over a year of intense preparation that involved selecting the artists, artist workshops and residences, artistic creation, documenting, and work… Read More
    Over a year of intense preparation that involved selecting the artists, artist workshops and residences, artistic creation, documenting, and work with partners, has resulted in colourful and meaningful works of visual art that now dress the entrance area, hallway, waiting room, playrooms, and the courtyard of the Paediatric clinic, spanning a total area of 360 square meters. The project features works by the artists Črtomir Just of Slovenia, Rafael Mayani of Mexico, Ruth Hengeveld of the Netherlands, and Fatheat & Bea Pántya of Hungary. Realisation of the project ‘Art with a Bigger Purpose’ was provided in coordination and support by six partners - The Jochnick Foundation, Oriflame, Volvo, A1 Slovenia, Philips, Lara. Art with a Bigger Purpose Many will benefit from this project. Yearly statistics for the Pediatric Clinic include 12,500 admissions, 60,000 outpatients visits and over 600 personnel working there. “The hospital environment can be, due to the burden of heavy illness many patients have to carry, considered as unpleasant, sad, grey and demotivating. Any activities that make the hospital stay more pleasant for our little patients are therefore highly welcome. The project Nordic Art Initiative has brought in to the hospital will inspire generations to come.” Anamarija Meglič Medical director , Pediatric hospital, Ljubljana, Slovenia Read Less
The point of departure for the project ‘Art with a Bigger Purpose’ at the paediatric clinic in Ljubljana was to develop a creative, interactive project whose all-around approach would create a friendlier hospital environment. Visual arts are the most important way of non-verbal communication with proven therapeutic capacity; hence, it is no coincidence that works of visual arts form the backbone of the project. The task we have set for ourselves was to create art that stimulates the patients, the visitors and the employees, and that actively contributes to the recovery process with its therapeutic effects. Contributing artists come from four different cultural environments: Črtomir Just from Slovenia, Rafael Mayani from Mexico, Ruth Hengeveld from the Netherlands, and Fatheat & Bea Pántya from Hungary. Thus, the result is a colourful spatial network that includes, and brilliantly connects, the hospital's interior and exterior. The works of art are generated to inspire curiosity and playfulness while the simplicity of their form and the deliberate choice of tranquil colours convey optimism and evoke a sense of calmness. In terms of motifs, format, and techniques, the works are rather diverse; yet they are structured in a way that addresses the audience with a universal visual language. It is also notable that the artists created site-specific installations spanning an area of over 360 square metres, making use of the actual space and interacting with the immediate surroundings.

‘Seasons’ - an animated mural
The artistic tandem Fatheat & Bea Pántya depicted friendly giant trees to point out the continuous regeneration of nature. This 16 meter tall mural, facing the in-patient rooms of the paediatric clinic, has proven to be a big hit among the children, staff and visitors. It’s not just another mural, the work combines still and moving image. It really can come alive! Using a free app, the audience can view an animation based on augmented reality technology. Download the LARA application and aim your phone towards the wall. If you cannot make it all the way to Slovenia, you still got a chance to see the animation in the video section below..
Črtomir Just created a triptych that addresses the viewer by presenting daily events at the hospital in a child-friendly way, seeking to lift their spirits. The seriousness of the theme is transformed and infused with an aspect of fantasy.
Ruth Hengeveld draws from her own experience related to hospitals. She transformed a dull waiting room into a playful waiting room set in a forest, featuring animals and a myriad of mini stories. Thus, we are surrounded by a sort of large-format illustrations whose gentleness and light-heartedness evoke a sense of warmth.
Rafael Mayani uses in his creation an imaginary world of pristine nature, in which the children and their faithful companions look for miraculous medicines.