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    unique porcelain sculptures
I must produce porcelain sculptures
Perfection is subjective. I spend a few months in porcelain factories every now and then I see the whole procedure from dirt to beauty. All of the mass produced pieces must be perfect in every possible way and to achieve this goal the dedicated workers test and inspect every piece carefully in every state of the process. The ones that are demaged even only by a scretch has to go. These waste pieces can take up
25 % of the entire production, producing a lot of trash. Once porcelain is fired, there is no going back. Ceramics are hardly reciclebly, maybe reusable in some special occasion (building foundation, road understructure, etc.)

As an artist I have a different opinion on perfection. Imperfection can be so tempting and beautiful that it feels complete and exquisite. This is how these object came to existence.

Walking around the factory, picking up the inspiring broken trash-pieces made lots of workers surprised and smile. How ever it is an other world with different values and judgement.

Never the less, here they are, the outcast invalid pieces. I felt the inner force to turn them into my creations, unfold the true personality in themselves as I saw it. Give them a chance and they live ever long for passibly thousands of years while they "perfect" mates were long faded and broken in use.
Makes a difference.
photo by Kata Kis  
photo by Kata Kis
photo by Kata Kis
photo by Kata Kis
photo by Kata Kis      
SneakSneak-peek into the making
pieces wera made at Herend Porcelain Manufactory, plates and shapes are taken from their production