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    Funny Faces Camera, free iPhone app – make your friends smile or look confused
Funny Faces Camera - free iPhone app - Available now on iTunes
You can make anyone look funny on your photos. Every single time. Just press the button and a carefully chosen premium sound effect will make them smile at every photo you take. Or look confused if that’s what you want. It works like magic. Every single time.

So, you want to know how to make a super funny photo of your friends?

1) Choose one of 30 premium effects,
- from “Squirrel having a laugh attack” to “Hungarian operator”
- each effect has a success rate next to it so you can choose the most effective one
- everything over 70% is almost guaranteed to produce hilarious faces
2) Gather your friends, press the camera button and wait for the magic to happen
- they won’t be able to resist making funny faces once they hear the sound from your iPhone
3) Look at the resulting photo and lol with your friends
4) Answer the question whether they look happy/confused
- when you review used effect, app calculates its success rate so other users know if it works or not
- the more funny faces you photograph, the better premium effects you’ll get.
5) Get ready to prank someone else and repeat everything again :)

Disclaimer: Excessive use of the application can lead to stomach-ache due to the uncontrolled laughing :)

Laughing is the best free therapy and Funny Faces Camera is free as well. Try it today, make someone laugh and remember that every time someone makes a funny face on your photos you earn stars you can use to get new hilarious effects.

Have fun, make funny faces and feel free to share smiles with your friends.