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    Custom made photography book for wedding event in Capri. Illustrations inspired by the events, venues and decors. Printed in limited edition for … Read More
    Custom made photography book for wedding event in Capri. Illustrations inspired by the events, venues and decors. Printed in limited edition for guests as a gift. Read Less
Collecting memories in a unique way
My favorite work is certainly created for colourful, fun-loving couples - Sid & Sofija were just that! Below are some images from the process of illustrating their wedding photo album, customising every detail to make this book not only a collector of memories, but a whole new experience for the guests to received it as a gift after the event.

This beautiful object was created in collaboration with designer Bernadette Digges and Tansy Kas in the role of Art Director. Commissioned by Diana Sorensen (Sugokuii Events), event planner specialized in destination weddings in southern Italy. 
This collage of photos was the moodboard for the "Caprindia" look we were trying to achieve. I found many similarities between the deep saturation of colors, floral decors and use of patterned motifs. Taking inspiration from the Mughal illuminations, we chose to develop decorative "frames" that would introduce each chapter in the book (each chapter being one of 5 wedding events).
The first step was creating the internal chapter cover for their engagement party. I decided to recreate 8 different tiles inspired from the ones in their photos. This also resulted in 8 beautiful patterns that could be used throughout the book or in other instances.
Before celebrating in Capri, the couple got officially married in London. For this chapter I created a frame
inspired by the bride's beautiful dress, with elements from the lace and white roses in her bouquet.
Once in Capri, the celebrations lasted three days. The first day, the party's theme
was connected to bougainvilleas and red roses decorating the venue. 
Hosted in beautiful Villa Damecuta and at Da Paolino, lemons and delicate flowers
were the element that most stood out and obviously gave the theme to this frame.
The day after the wedding, the couple hosted a marvellous lunch at restaurant Il Riccio, renowned for its delicious fish. With the blues of the sea and the reds of shellfish/Indian chilli, this frame introduced the last chapter.
For the book itself, we wanted a fabric cover gold stamped with the couple's names.
Starting from the lace pattern created for the first chapter, I started playing around with possible combinations...
imagine these intricate designs shining in gold over a deep blue!
We also knew right away we wanted some sort of colorful printed dust cover.
This was the initial proposal, reusing the tiles previously created and adding a ninth tile for the border.
Below is the couple's monogram I created last minute, to be gold stamped on the shipping box.
To follow the tile theme, it can be used both singularly or as a beautiful patterned motif!

You looked at this project all the way to here, you would think by now I'd show you some photos of the printed book. Well, you WILL find them below -- however, as so often happens in design, there was a change in style mid-project! Be ready to be surprised.

The couple decided they wanted bolder colours and a focus on tiles. So I went back to editing the tiles, in a few variations, and we made the jump from the delicately illustrated frames to (equally beautiful) strongly saturated patterns. Here is the "dust cover", which ended up being produced as a box case.
for your time!

❤ Please appreciate this project to help me grow ❤