VFX vreakdown for feature film
"Legend of Kolovrat"
by Trehmer Film
Film is based on the period when Russia was under control of the Golden horde. Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat is the leader of the squad, which decides to fight back khan Batu, who divided Russia. The plot is based on The Tale of the Destruction of Riazan, a medieval military tale about the capture of the city of Ryazan by the Mongols in 1237 and is one of the best sources of the Mongol invasion of Russia
Film will tell about Golden Horde times and the warrior, Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat, leading the squad decides to fight back khan Batu, who shattered Russia.[3]
This military tale (The Tale of the Destruction of Riazan )survived in several sixteenth and the seventeenth century redactions and is thought to be a part of a miscellany that was composed and revised by the clergy of the Church of St. Nikholas of Zaraisk. According to the legend, the church is located on the spot where the princess Eupraxy killed herself. Given a form of a military tale, the later version of The Tale of Batu's Capture of Ryazan is a fictionalized account with some historical inaccuracies suggesting that the Tale was composed sometimes after the described events and was subsequently further edited. Tracing its provenance, textual analysis, and dating of various redactions have been conclusively resolved by Soviet scholars.
PART I - Autum Forest Sequence
We did episdoe consist of  107 shots in fully generated CG forest.
First of all we looked through concepts and moodboards and created custom tree library. 
We also used some 3d scan data to achieve high level of detail on the ground and on the cliffs
Then we`ve assembled all the elements together and started...
Shots production
PART II - Winter Forest Sequence
We did another episode with another CG forest) But this time it was burned out winter forest with dead trees.
Once again customly generated trees assets
some more procedural trees
all assets before set dressing
Opening shot for this episode required CGdoubles
Shots production
Some random stuff
Main Road post
VFX Producer
VFX Supervisors
Roman Bobrov

Trehmer Film Crew
VFX Supervisors

Marina Yakovleva
Vlad Fedosov

Pavel Ivanov

Sergey Konorev
Alex Yakovlev
Maxim Popov
Egor Borisko

Maxim Popov

Alex Alekhin

Character Supervisor

Igor Surin

Viktor Manin

Roman Moiseev
Dmitry Aleksandrov
Dmitry Polbitsyn
Valery Denisov
Andrey Titorenko
Timofey Chernyavsky
Nurshat Zakiryanov
Artur Abdrachmanov
Alexsandra Sazanovich
Artem Timofeev
Regina Mingazetdinova
Akim Fimin

Legend Of Kolovrat

Legend Of Kolovrat

VFX breakdown of the shots for feature film "Legend of Kolovrat" done by Trehmer Film

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