'What goes up'
A breakdown of a T-shirt design I've made for Okimono ealier this year.
In December of 2016 I went on a ski-vacation in the French Alps. There wasn't a lot of snow that year and on one morning I took this picture of a ski lift. After the holidays I had this image in my head of the ski lifts silently hovering above the ski slope in the early hours of the day.
The first sketch was quickly made in Adobe Flash, just using the Line and Pen Tool to sketch the global shapes. I drew the ski lift's frame in thin lines (Hairline), this made it easier to make little adjustments. Mostly I used the default cursor and Subselection Tool to curve lines and place nodes if needed.   
I left some of the details out because I didn't think it added much to the illustration. After the sketch was done, I altered the width of the lines to match that of the ski lift's frame. I only wanted to use the ski lift's silhouette, so I converted the lines into shapes (Modify > Convert Lines to Fills) an flattened it all into a single object. 
After the ski lift I started sketching the background, I Googled some pictures of the French Alps for reference and drew this free-handedly with the Brush Tool. I used the option 'Optimize'  (Modify > Shape > Optimize) to simplify the shapes and get sharper angles.  
The the stars and clouds were added using the Oval- and Pen Tool, the ski lift's pillars using the Brush Tool. I was pretty sure about the color scheme I wanted to use, I remembered waking up one morning about 5 am and looking through the window just before the sun came up. The base color was the dark blue of the snow on the mountain, the sky was a lighter variant of the same shade of blue. To emphasize the time of day I added the stars in the background.
I created a circle-shaped mask and flattened the illustration into three layers of color; darker blue in the snow and clouds, a lighter blue for sky and a pure white or the stars. I left out all other shapes, like the ski lift and mountain, to be filled in by the black of the T-shirt.
The final step was exporting the Adobe Flash illustration as an FXG-file (File > Export Image > .fxg) and import it into Adobe Illustrator. I regularly use Adobe Illustrator to make the final color adjustments using CMYK or Pantone colors.
And that's it, the final product. The T-shirt is available in the Okimono Webshop: http://www.okimono.nl/shop/
Thank you