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    playful dish with a lid
The Dish with a lid : Dish in the lid
Artzept award winner in 2007

The inspiration of this bowl comes from the function of drawer: the parts are connected, but one moves
in the other. They are not two separated part of an object, more like two elements of the same purpose.
They are equal partners and their collaboration makes safe storing possible .

The simple round porcelain bowl is placed in a wooden cube that becomes the stand and the lid of it at the same time. The bowl easily moves in the middle to all directions, offers freedom and playful experience to the user. Simple and fun.
It is suitable for storing dry food (rice, pasta), seeds, muesli, candy, spices, even office suplies or treasure.
set with Mother bowl and little shakers
The porcelain bowl can be removed from the cube. The wooden parts are connected by strong magnets on the corners.