A brand befitting a leader of the Malaysian drone solutions industry.

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Based in Malaysia, Poladrone Solutions Sdn Bhd was founded by a team of aerospace and data engineers. They utilise autonomous drones and customised algorithms to efficiently collect and analyse data. Their proprietary machine learning algorithms are developed for specific industries such as oil palm, thermal solar inspections, construction mapping and more. In doing so, accurate insights are generated to improve efficiency. Poladrone is also the first official DJI enterprise distributor in Malaysia.

The Challenge
Making a brand identity that matches the high-tech and futuristic vision of expert drone engineers building industrial solutions.

The Outcome
A new brand identity, logo, website and marketing materials that supported Poladrone as cutting-edge experts and established leaders of their industry.

Developing the Strategy
Despite geographical distances, our team along with Founder/CEO Jin Xi Cheong communicated eagerly over a two-week course to craft the brand’s strategy. In the process, we surfaced the challenges the company faced, and highlighted the needs and goals of the business and its customers. This became the foundation for the new brand identity and designs.

Understanding the Users
Poladrone is in an interesting space where their current suite of drone and data analysis services cater to both individual plantation owners and large agricultural corporations. They also have an education sector that aims to equip the public with drone technology knowledge. Having been officially partnered with DJI to be Malaysia’s first DJI enterprise distributor, Poladrone now also caters to end-consumers. We identified all these key users we needed to target, and surfaced their needs to understand how the new brand identity should resonate with them.

Brand Definition
Through these strategy exercises, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. These insights were also supplemented with our first-ever use of cognitive systems in a brand strategy exercise. We ran Poladrone’s existing company profile through IBM Watson’s Personality Insights, which works by applying linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes from a person’s text.

Coupling the understanding of user needs and the company’s own attributes yielded a solid foundation upon which to build a compelling brand personality and identity.

Understanding what the Poladrone brand is and who they bring value to helped define the positioning statement of the company. This set the tone for everything designed and developed for Poladrone.

Gridhaus developed an entire identity system to make sure every customer touch-point reflected the brand. The rebrand included redesigning the logo, introducing a new color palette, new typefaces, icons, and illustrations. This created a more cohesive experience for both the physical materials and digital extensions.

The New Logo
We created a logomark that provides Poladrone a bold and contemporary identity that is distinctive from the rest of the drone industry, while having  an image of professionalism and maturity. The form was designed to work across a broad scale of applications and sizes. The dynamic logomark is an apt representation of Poladrone’s constant aim to improve in the way it solves problems, building newer solutions for specific industries and more to come. Ever (r)evolving, never constant.

Website Redesign
Gridhaus redesigned the Poladrone website—the central hub for the Poladrone identity, profile, services, education site, and connection to the online store. The goal was to make it smoother for users to discover and learn about the company, while learning of the value that Poladrone provides to them and their businesses. The insights gained from the user needs influenced the structure and features of the site.

The experience begins on the landing page. Users are given top-line information introducing them to Poladrone’s process and proprietary solutions.

Brand Collateral
In addition to the brand’s identity system, the partnership between Gridhaus and Poladrone also resulted in company apparel, stationery, physical signage, as well as printed and digital marketing collateral.

Poladrone—Brand Identity & Web Design

Poladrone—Brand Identity & Web Design

Based in Malaysia, Poladrone Solutions Sdn Bhd was founded by a team of aerospace and data engineers. They utilise autonomous drones and customis Read More


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