Explorer's Diaries: Idea for an retro Action-Adventure
Idea for a Cinematic Platform Game

Another Mockup for a game I'd love to play. Strongly inspired by Indiana Jones.
I really love that character, watched the first three movies multiple times, played the Point-&-Click Adventures, very much hoped Steven Spielberg would make  "Fate of Atlantis" into a movie...
Adventure is such a great subject! I honestly care for stories with a protagonist who's not invulnerable or has any other super-powers. Getting shot or falling off a cliff? ...the end ... most likely. All actions matter so much more under this premise. I also really enjoy when a characters' motivation is much simpler than the whole story of "saving the world". Why not just traveling the world in search for fame, wealth or spirit of adventure?
So I'd love to see all this put into a good old Cinematic Platformer like Flashback, Blackthorne or Oddworld. Jumping, sneaking, shooting, inventory-management, limited ammo, flashlights, tombs, underwater caves, treasures... Combined with a slightly cheesy undertone of Pulp Magazines and B-Movies.

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