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    Tone of voice, brochure, menu and website for the Raison d'Etre Spa at the Grand Hotel, Stockholm.
Raison d'Etre have long been creating unique, sumptuous spas for luxury hotels and other destinations worldwide. (Places like the One&Only resort at Kanuhura in the Maldives, or the Four Seasons in Doha.) This was the first spa to bear their name, so it was a moment for the brand.

I worked with Aricot Vert to develop an identity, tone of voice, brochure and treatment menu for the spa. Driven by the client's eagerness to avoid the usual sector clichés, we aimed to create the sense of a truly bespoke, and ludicrously luxurious, experience. They even let me make the odd joke, keen as they were not to take on that air of chilly aloofness that so often besets luxury brands.

You can do the copy on the spa website.