Here is the first book in the world about the robots and written for robots only. 

You all know fairy tale Mother Goose from your childhood? Sure you remember it. And I'm sure you never asked what this story is about. These stories have a similar history. Nobody knows when they came about. They just existed since the first robot appeared. And since that time, each robot knows these tales. And here's the first time when the human can see it.
But be ready that these stories are written by QR codes and you must be ready to read them only with a smartphone and special QR-scanner application.

Try to read it:
In the begging of this project I made small books. I called them #lunchbooks.
Here is a video about the creation process.
Of course you have seen the result - 'the fairy robot tales' craft project
I also made Instagram videos about this lunch-book
And finally my Russian publisher decided to print this book. I was published in Saint Petersburg and presented in BigFest in may 2016.
You can read a lite version of this book in English pdf >>

For Chineese PDF>> users.
Additional materials:
And then I made my robot heroes in 3D. I would love to turn them into vinyl toys as well, but that will be one of my next projects.
Thank you!